Atlanta Print Designers

With 37 years experience designing art for print, Infinity Discs can design catalogs, brochures, booklets and all other types of printing. We use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and you need a mix of all 3 to produce the best printing product. Designers who set type in Photoshop are not designing correctly as the Photoshop sets type with pixels not vectors/lines. Illustrator and InDesign are typesetting programs and should always be used to set type.

Print Design Tip 1: Art DPI

Your images need to be 300 DPI, high resolution camera ready artwork. Low resolution 72 DPI images are usually not suitable for printing nor are logos or images pulled from the web. Ask your marketing manager or graphic designer to send your original logo and artwork files.


Print Design Tip 2: Font Outlining

There are thousands of fonts and most require purchase. If your font is not Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman, we likely will not have it, and your artist needs to outline the fonts. This is a 5 second art change for any artist so make sure to ask.