CD Replication

We provide CD replication - the same quality media of music CDs sold in stores. CD replication is also referred to as CD manufacturing or CD pressing. For quantities larger than 500 or a 1000, it is cost effective to replicate CD than duplicate CDs. The turnaround time is between 7 and 10 business days. For smaller quantities (less than 500), we recommend short run CD Duplication.

CDs Replicated with with Full Color Offset Printing

  • Music CD album face print quality
  • Hollywood movies are also printed this way
  • Cost effective when replicating 500 or 1000 CDs of 1 title
  • CD replication Turnaround time: 7 - 10 business days

CDs replicated with 1 to 6 Spot or Pantone Color Silkscreen Printing

  • Pantone or PMS Color Silkscreen Printing
  • Silkscreen is the traditional way to print pressed/replicated CDs.
  • Printing is directly to the CD